S1 Biopharma’s research and development work is focused on the advancement of the clinical pipeline, gaining an understanding of the science of human sexual disorders and the development and implementation of basic science and laboratory models to study the biology underlying human sexual function.

Our 9-person R&D team is currently studying measures of women’s sexual desire disorders. These studies are important because authorities in the field disagree on numerous factors. Some are very basic:

  • Are desire and arousal separable concepts for women?
  • Over what period of time do women feel confident to reflect on their experience of desire or of sexual dysfunction in general? A day, a week, a month or longer?
  • How constant are women’s feelings about what they want in the way of desire, arousal, orgasm and emotional closeness with a partner?
  • What do women with HSDD really want? A return of desire, relief of sexual distress, more sexual satisfaction, more orgasms or something else?
  • For how long should a woman with HSDD be treated?

S1 is also studying HSDD in men. The U.S. FDA has provided S1 Biopharma with valuable feedback on studying male HSDD which, despite significant clinical need, is poorly understood. For example, there is little knowledge about the difference between male arousal and desire and the biology and psychology that drive them. There are no validated rating systems for male sexual desire and, along with the scientific community, S1 Biopharma will determine what complaints are most important to men with HSDD in order to run informative clinical trials.

S1 Biopharma is dedicated to developing safe and effective medical approaches to treating sexual disorders in women and men. The company is designing rigorous clinical trials and taking great care in conducting them, analyzing their results and reviewing those results with experts.