At S1, clinical trials never have just one goal, to meet regulatory requirements.

We also believe in answering all of the important questions about drugs in clinical use. We pledge to patients that there will be no relevant but unexplored safety issues about our agents before they go to regulatory bodies for advancement to the next stage of research, or for approval.

Whether it’s the safety of taking another dose in case a patient forgets that he or she has already taken today’s dose, concerns about safe driving while on medication, questions about feeling steady on one’s feet, interactions with alcohol, or more technical questions such as drug-drug interactions, patients and doctors deserve to know about all of the likely risk factors. We promise that S1 will learn about these issues, publish properly controlled studies about them in reputable journals, and promptly inform regulators, clinicians, and patients.

And we believe every one of our clinical trials should advance the state of the art, because so much is yet to be learned about sexual dysfunction, what patients want and need, and how they can best be helped. At S1 we don’t just assume we know how to get there; we work with the most knowledgeable experts on sexual dysfunction among the clinicians and scientists in the world, obtaining their advice so we can serve patients and their doctors better.